Monday, 17 June 2013

Flowers on the Edge: The Cutting Edge

Its been three weeks since we launched our 'Flowers on the Edge' campaign to help save our road verges and the wildlife they support and the response has been immense.

We've received almost two and a half thousand signatures on our petition so far and it seems your voice has been heard - councils have been contacting us, asking for guidance on how to improve their mowing practices and help conserve our road verge wildlife.

Thank you also for all your stories and photos. We've received too many to print here, but we can provide a taste. First of all, a classic example of what we've been campaigning against. Responding to our call for 'Before' and 'After' photos, Andy Williams of Monmouthshire tweeted us the following:

@andy_tyfelin Maybe you can help me persuade Monmouthshire CC. This taken today: hundreds of kms treated like this:

Attached was a couple of photos of the B 4293 nr Little Cophill Farm, Chepstow. One before...

And one after...

The difference is stark.

That said, it wasn't all bad news. As we're keen to point out, some councils do an exemplary job and many are now contacting us to find out how things can be improved. Here's a few positive posts we received on Twitter:

@sysengshep: Swindon BC have just NOT mowed the bit of verge near my house that I've been trying to let flower:

: (Bridgend Council) Thank you for not mowing all the roadside verges & letting the beautiful wildflowers flourish

@SebInTransition: This verge in #Stroud was left while others were mowndown:

As you can see, we can make a difference! If you've not already done so, please visit our Road Verge Campaign site here and sign the petition and please keep your photos coming!

We'll have another Flowers on the Edge: The Cutting Edge update this time next week.


  1. They have been cutting just the edge strip and leaving the rest in my part of Cornwall - so probably all over Cornwall as it is a unitary authority

  2. It would help if the commuting second home villagers would stop making lawns on all the verges outside their houses

  3. But Cirencester have just mown a trouble free island which was a large natural meadow, for no purpose I can see. Just tell them to sow it with Yellow Rattle. Stephen

  4. I don't think people mowing their own verges is a major problem. Indeed, I think it's a battle half won if people are taking responsibility for their own verges. It's a short step from mowing a lawn to cultivating bee friendly flowers. And if there are a few people who won't listen to the message, the occasional patch of short grass shouldn't make that big an impact, once we have the wider picture sorted out.

  5. So far what I have seen here in Northamptonshire the edge of the verges have been mown and not the whole lot. But I am still keeping my eye open.

    Brian Laney Northamptonshire.